Here are some examples of the security, management, and technical projects delivered by Montebello Partners.

Information security projects include:

  • Security penetration testing for several cloud-based services, for clients including the Bank of America "SiteKey" technology, a financial service startup, Nominum, the leading domain name service provider, authentication service providers, and an application-as-a-service provider.
  • Policy development, penetration testing, security standards development, incident response planning, and disaster recovery planning for Global Liquid Markets, a startup building and deploying a Money Market trading platform.
  • IT spending, organization, security, and strategy analysis for Portola Pharmaceuticals. Portola has unusually demanding IT needs due to large video repositories generated by proprietary platelet and coagulation diagnostics.
  • IT Security Policy development for VMware, the leading virtualization platform provider.
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance assessment, remediation, and validation services for payment for dozens of merchants, software developers, and service providers. Software application clients include restaurant point-of-sale systems like OpenTable, hotel management systems, mobile payment systems, and others. Merchant clients include, FedEx Kinko's, and others. Service provider clients include iPass Managed Network Services , the leading virtual private network service provider, online gaming payment services, and several other payment service providers. Project security assessments and guidance covered network security, web applications, physical controls, software development processes, system configuration and change control, access controls, and security policies.
  • Data forensics for a leading east-coast legal practice, including email recovery, automobile embedded systems data recovery and accident reconstruction, server and desktop data forensics, and intellectual property misappropriation analysis.
  • Security assessment, Regulatory compliance review (HIPAA and California SB1386 ), traffic analysis, network architecture recommendations, and VPN installation for Cord Blood Registry. (Platforms: Cisco IOS, WatchGuard Firebox, Linux, HP Top Tools, Microsoft Active Directory, Cisco VPN)
  • Security architecture, design, and implementation of the web integration of cryptography and smart card technologies for Philips Semiconductors.  (Platforms: PKI, MS Crypto API, C++, JavaScript, COM, ASP)
  • Security auditing, penetration testing, system hardening, host-based intrusion detection system implementation for PumaTech, an Internet information synchronization and delivery company. (Platforms: Solaris, Linux, NT, SonicWall, Snort, Saint, Nessus, Unix shell scripting, CheckPoint, Cisco IOS)
  • Security planning and architecture for a secure web application for a major consumer electronics firm. (Platforms: Windows, SQL Server, Oracle, JavaScript, Internet Explorer )

Management consulting projects include:

  • Entrepreneur in Residence for NEC of America, including work in both Silicon Valley and Tokyo. Customer research, partner recruitment, business planning, and strategy development for a novel virtual private network solution.
  • Customer and Market requirements analysis, product definition, early adopter interviews, and market sizing for Coverity, a security software startup.
  • Investment due diligence, market fit assessment, and technical evaluation of a security software technology start-up for Charles River Ventures
  • Market analysis, strategy and positioning recommendations, partnering strategy, and business planning for Hewlett-Packard, including Unix and NT server divisions for direct and VAR channels to medium to large enterprises
  • Market segmentation, application analysis, and venture-capital presentations for 3PAR, an enterprise-scale storage server systems vendor, funded by Mayfield Fund and Oracle Ventures
  • Business planning, technical architecture recommendations, and program management for Extempo Systems, a startup creating virtual interactive characters for enterprise customers
  • Business planning, financial modeling, and strategy consulting for a Biotech pharmaceutical startup

Technical development projects include:

  • System architecture and database development of a 500,000-product video, music, and toy catalog for one of the top eTailers of children's products, FamilyWonder, funded by Accel and US Venture Partners.   Trained and led engineering staff.  (Platforms: Oracle 8, SQL, PL/SQL, Solaris, ColdFusion)
  • Movie database spidering (automated data retrieval from web pages) and merging into a data warehouse, and internal web site development for , the leading internet video seller, now a subsidiary of Hollywood Video (Platforms: SQL Server 6.5, Windows NT, IIS, Visual InterDev, ASP, ODBC, C++, WinSock)
  • Automatic script creation system for, which generated robust SQL procedures from schema descriptions. (Platforms: Oracle 8i, SQL, PL/SQL, XML, XSLT, Perl)
  • Product catalog database needs analysis, schema design, and process architecture for, a leading internet vendor of college textbooks (Platforms: Oracle 8, SQL Server 7, Solaris, Windows NT)
  • Java performance-boosting and deployment techniques for Netmosphere, a web-based project management supplier which was acquired by CriticalPath (Platforms: Sun Java Plug-In, Netscape SmartUpdate)
  • Java-based "push" technology for Nuance Communications , a speech recognition software vendor (Platforms: Java, JDBC, TCP, VoxML)