J. Ames Cornish

Skill Summary

Leadership: Identifying and pursuing new product and market opportunities. Recruiting, managing, and motivating technical and marketing teams. Raising investment and development funds. Communicating company vision to customers, influencers, and the media. Founder and CEO of venture-backed software company. Board Director for technology start-up, education, and non-profit organizations.

Marketing & Strategy: Business planning, forecasting, and analysis. Market segmentation, product strategy and partnering strategy. Competitive analysis and positioning. Product Management and cross-functional team building. Business development, software licensing and contract negotiation. Master's of Business Administration from Stanford University.

Technical: Software architecture and development with a wide variety of platforms and languages. Database architecture, integration, and development. Conceived, designed, and developed three award-winning software products. Inventor of US patent #7,519,948 for XML-based web application development. Master's degree in theoretical physics from Harvard University. Graduate-level computer science studies at Stanford University.

Security: Internet security auditing, policies, and implementation. Chairman and Founder of the SDForum Internet Security special interest group. Board Director for Infragard, an FBI-sponsored cyber-security organization. Certified Information Security Professional (CISSP), and certified PCI assessor (QSA, QPASP).


1997-present Montebello Partners

Founder and Partner. Founded successful consulting practice for internet security, business and marketing strategy, and application development. Clients include Hewlett-Packard, Reel.com, Philips Semiconductors, Charles River Ventures, and several start-ups.

Business and Marketing

Helped clients to successfully raise investment capital, enter new markets, and select strategic partners.

Information Security

Helped clients to successfully secure web operations and to develop secure internet applications. Internet security engagements include penetration testing, security assessment, firewall and virtual private network configuration, cryptography integration, and secure web application development and architecture.

Application Development

Helped clients improve product performance, add new product lines, and achieve competitive advantage through superior product information. Software development engagements include database and data-warehousing design and implementation, secure and dynamic web site design and implementation, and Java and C++ application development.

Community Leadership

1990-1997 Vividus Corporation

President, Founder, and Chief Technical Officer. Founded and built authoring software company. Raised venture capital funding. Conceived, designed, and led development of multimedia authoring, web authoring, and children's products, which won a MacUser Eddy finalist award, a Technology & Learning "Best Software of the Year" award, and a Software Publishers' Association Codie finalis t award for "Best Consumer Software Application". Sold company to Sunburst Communications.

Business Accomplishments

Technical Accomplishments

1987-1990 Apple Computer

Applications Marketing Manager, Desktop Presentations and Multimedia. Responsible for all of Apple's Desktop Presentations marketing activities. Supervised a group of four market managers.Managed market research and focus group programs. Instigated and nurtured alliances with third-party software developers. Developed channel programs, sales strategies, and presented to thousands of customers and partners at Comdex, MacWorld, and Apple sales conferences.

Market Development Manager, Desktop Presentations. Championed Apple's entry into the mainstream business presentations marketplace. Developed target business-to-business market segments, positioning, strategic relationships, and product plans. Managed project teams and contractors to create sales tools, customer literature, trade show demonstrations, and seminar presentations.

1984-1987 Hewlett-Packard, Personal Software Division

Group Product Manager, Graphics Software. Recruited and supervised team of four product managers for business graphics software. Introduced and grew new product line to become the largest in our three-division business unit. Responsible for profit and loss, current product introductions and marketing, future product development, and channel development.

Product Manager, Graphics Software. Managed several graphics software products totaling more than $8 million in annual sales. Managed all aspects of the product life-cycle, including market research, product feature-set determination (MRDs and PRDs), budget proposals, product planning, pricing, customer support planning, manufacturing, packaging, public relations, promotion, advertising, sales training, and retail dealer approval. Successfully launched two new products through both direct and retail channels. Recruited retail distribution partners.

1981-1982 Kidder, Peabody & Co.

Corporate Finance Associate. Invented new bond (including terms, analysis, and marketing) in which more than $200 million was invested. Research and marketing in the Technology Finance Group. Valuation of new securities on the Product Development Committee. Coordinated the design and development of a linear programming system.

1978-1981 Harvard University

Programmer, Sociology Department. Developed BASIC and C language software for data analysis and for student use in sociology courses. Several programs have been nationally distributed.

Research Assistant, Physics Department. Developed techniques and computer programs for analyzing nuclear particle collisions to determine the mass of the neutrino. Designed and trouble-shot electronics hardware for an experiment to detect proton decays.

1978-1980 Scripps Institute of Oceanography

Summer Intern. Developed FORTRAN software for numerical modeling of chemical distributions in the ocean. The purpose of this work was to understand the ocean's behavior as a reservoir of carbon, and thus predict global climate changes caused by fossil fuel consumption.


1982-1984 Stanford Graduate School of Business

MBA 1984. Special interests: technology management, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Also completed graduate-level computer science courses in programming language design, computer graphics, expert systems development, and knowledge representation.

1977-1981 Harvard University

BA and MA cum laude in physics 1981. Accepted with sophomore standing. Main academic interests: theoretical physics, cosmology, psychology, economics, and philosophy. Toured Caribbean as a member of the Harvard Jazz Band.

Technical Proficiencies

Database Platforms: Architecture and implementation of data warehousing and eCommerce web applications on Oracle and SQL Server. Design of backup and standby systems, and database security policies. Integration of Oracle Financials with eCommerce systems. Designed and built multi-source, multi-product catalog database system for two leading consumer eTailing sites.

Operating Systems and Platforms: 9 years Windows, 10 years MacOS, 6 years UNIX and Linux. Also proficient with DOS, Apache, IIS, TCP/IP, ftp, IPSEC, NAT, html, smtp, nntp, COM, DCOM, ActiveX, OLE, XML, XSLT, Sun JDK, WebLogic, JavaBeans, J2EE, EJB, RMI, IIOP, ODBC, JDBC, QuickTime, and Microsoft VFW.

Programming Languages: Concept and implementation of consumer packaged software and commercial custom software, including 15 years C, 9 years C++ and 4 years Java. 11 years OOP and OOD, including Booch. Also proficient in SQL, PL/SQL, JavaScript, ASP, JSP servlets, Java Beans, Perl, Pascal, Basic, FORTRAN, APL, Forth, MRS (expert system language), LISP, Prolog, Smalltalk, and Z80 and 68020 assembler.

Special Design Expertise: Object-oriented frameworks, large-scale database schema design, animation, video, audio, user interface design, graphical authoring tools, and client/server applications. Conceived, designed, and developed three award-winning software products: Cinemation (multimedia authoring), Amazing Animation (children's creativity), and Web Workshop (web site authoring).